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MDS® Road and Bridge Rail System

can be utilized for new bridge construction or on rehabilitation bridge projects. The unique energy dissipating *base plate and connectors, anchored with  chemical or mechanical anchors, reduce deck damage by minimizing the force from impacts transmitted to bridge deck. MDS® Bridge Rails are FHWA approved under NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Test Level 4 and Test Level 5 compliant.



Over the past 30 years, MDS® has developed a technologically advanced "Stress Reduction System" that contributes to reduced maintenance, service and quick replacement. MDS® BARRIERS innovation, experience and dedication continue to provide the highest TL4 and TL5 temporary and permanent MDS® barrier systems available today.

MDS® Barriers Triple Protection

  • Vehicle collision
  • Noise protection
  • Site walls

*Stress Reduction System (SRS)


MDS® BARRIERS are a Road and Bridge Rail System that has been developed to provide full TL4 and TL5 MDS (Minimal Deflection Systems) impact protection. Lightweight TL5 weighs only 88 lbs while the TL4 weighs only 64 lbs per foot and requires no through deck anchoring. Designed to isolate bridge deck and road surfaces from high impact forces.



MDS® BARRIERS incorporates a unique base attachment system called Progressive SRS© (Stress Reduction System) that dissipates and absorbs impacts providing very little disruption of bridge decks making it ideal for re-decking projects or temporary staged constructions. The barrier can be placed in one location on the deck during phase construction and then un-bolted and moved to its final position without any major change to the deck.



MDS® BARRIERS are pre-designed to integrate noise-protection sound barriers and site walls within a single barrier system providing considerable savings in terms of occupied space, supporting substructures and overall cost. The special backward positioning of the noise-protection barrier requires less lateral space on the bridge deck and also makes the disposal of snow easier when exposed to freezing climates.



MDS® Variable Length Barriers provide positive protection over expansion joints extending more than 27 inches of displacement and over 40 inches for custom applications. MDS® VLB Barriers  easily connect to TL4 and TL5 MDS® Series barriers and transition into all guard rail and concrete barriers for stand alone installations.



MDS® BARRIERS have a contemporary design that integrates seamlessly with street scape projects and modern highway profiles through its modular design technology. MDS® BARRIERS have no exposed anchoring eliminating snagging and clipping especially in areas where there is active snow plowing. MDS® Barriers are motorcyclists safe thanks to their continuous smooth surface.



MDS® BARRIERS modular design connects 20 foot or 10 foot sections in series. Self supporting structure connects to all concrete and guard rail systems for seamless protection on roads and bridges.


Discover the next generation of steel barriers and take advantage of "Progressive SRS Technology"  for safer impacts and reduced anchor stress to bridge decks and road surfaces.






Road & Bridge Barrier Systems


Portable and permanent barrier solutions available for purchase or rental

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