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LifeRail is a MASH Approved bridge rail system

Designed for new bridges or as a direct

retrofit for current non-crash tested railings and barriers







60 Year warranty

MASH retrofit for our current non-crash tested

railings and barriers


The LifeRail structural member is inclusive of a pultruded fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) structural shape with a round main cavity and a sacrificial rectangular outer cavity for energy absorption. The resin is Fire-retardant Isophthalic Polyester and further protected by a coating with UV inhibitors for added protection against corrosion.


Rail lengths can be delivered at any length up to 56 feet abd easily be cut on site for any custom fittings.

Post spacing is set at 8’ +/- (2.44 m).

Available in any color

LifeRail is avaiable in all standard RAL colors. Mass tinted means that even if the rail is damaged or scrapped it will always maintain the same color throughout its life span.


"LifeRail is innovating the next generation of safety road barrier"  G.C.

LifeRail is the worlds first MASH TL4 retrofit bridge rail system made from composite FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer).
The rail is manufactured with an internal stainless steel structural tube member with EPU (Elastomeric polyurethane) enhancing enery absorption. The base pedestal is avaiable in to materials, 316L Stainless Steel or galvanized steel based on the anticipated life span of the bridge.


The FRP LifeRail was developed by AIMS and is patent pending USPTO 15/829,674.

Rail color

Identify bridges with colored rails such as "No Salt Zones", "Railroad", "water way" or "Culvert"

Is FRP Stronger then steel?

Based on strength, FRP Life Rail bridge rails are comparable to steel. Life Rail Pultruded FRP does offer improved strength but with added benefits steel just can’t compete with. As an example, even though FRP bridge rail is rigid, it is a more flexible material than steel. This flexibility contributes to higher impact resistance compared to traditional steel rail systems.


Vehicle impacts might bend, damage or dent steel, an impact of similar strength on Life Rail will absorb, bend and flex reducing vehicle impact forces ultimately reducing the severity index ratio of vehicles and occupants.


Best of all Life Rail can be produced in any color eliminating expensive powder coatings, duplex coatings, galvanizing and paint resulting in a true maintenance corrosion free bridge rail system that carriers a 60-year warranty.






  • 100% electrically non-conductive
  • 100% corrosion resistant
  • Material color mass tinted throughout product
  • Can be manufactured in any color
  • Does not spark when impacted by steel
  • 3 x the lifespan of galvanized steel
  • UV stable
  • 316L stainless steel or galvanized steel posts
  • Better energy absorption performance over steel
  • 2/3 lighter than steel systems
  • 34.75 lbs per ft
  • UV Resistance ...Tested per ASTM G154
  • Higher return on investment than steel


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Reduced/eliminated maintenance
  • Long service life
  • No hot work
  • No heavy lift equipment
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Weighs 1/3 to 1/2 that of comparable steel products
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Pound for pound, fiberglass is stronger than steel
  • Reduces overall structure weight
  • Increases lifespan of structure
  • 60 Year warranty



Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

“The FRP System is corrosion free, since it is made from a non-metallic substance and thus immune to corrosive reactions. The FRP System is essentially inert, it has no costly or complex storage and preservation concerns. The FRP System maintains its initial integrity and will not weaken over time, so is not susceptible to corrosion from airborne agents such as sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide. Negligible degradation means very little maintenance."

American  Water  Works  Association

It has long been recognized in the FRP industry that long term UV exposure does not degrade the structural integrity of FRP structures


“The structural integrity of fiberglass pipe is not affected by exposure to UV light”.  American Water Works Association’s Fiberglass Pipe Design, 2nd ed. §2.55



MASH TL4 Crash Tests


As shown in the above crash test images, the steel barrier on the left created a more violent impact forcing the box truck to lean into the intrusion zone destroying the truck mirror in addition to the -17º angle as the truck exited the crash area.


The FRP Life Rail stayed upright with only a -3º angle as it exited the crash area unlike the steel rail at -17º.


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